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Joint Pain, Low energy levels, Restlessness

Mrs Chocky Govender – South Africa (January 2013)

This is my personal experience with XANGO Mangosteen juice. I was introduced to XANGO by Mr. Jack Govender (Ex Standard Bank Manager, Tongaat), who suggested I try XANGO juice for my medical condition.

Due to my medical condition, I experience pain in my shoulders, joints and arms. Getting out of bed with some degree of pain each morning is normal for me.

I started taking XANGO juice since early January 2013. After 21 days of taking the juice I noticed:

  •  That the pain in my shoulder joints and arms has eased completely
  •  That the pain in both my shoulders have also eased off completely
  •  That my energy levels have improved
  •  I experience a much more peaceful sleep

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    Xango Testimonials – Part 3


3 thoughts on “Xango Testimonials Part 3

  1. Dear Sylvia, thanks for contacting us. We have had good results within our business with Skin problems, sores and fungus, amongst other personal challenges we may face. I do have 100% faith that our product will assist you in the area’s of concern and would recommend that you try it out as that’s the only way to tell. Complete the lead form with your details and I will contact you personally to discuss in person what challenges you facing. Thanks for your time.

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