Xango Testimonials Part 2

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Xango Testimonials On: Osteoarthritis

Rob Glen – South Africa (JHB) 30/10/2012

I’m 32 years old and I came across Mangosteen juice in September 2011 looking for a Natural product that could help me with my Osteoarthritis in my hip, which I developed in a Sports injury a couple of years ago. I was very interested to see if the mangosteen fruit benefits claimed by so many would help me as I had tried everything and was taking different types of tablets daily, which had other side effects.

In September 2012, I was able to get hold of some Mangosteen juice called Xango. I started drinking 40mls three times a day the first week then went down to 30mls three times a day. It took me three weeks to feel the results.

Within the first week I had more pain than usual in my hip but I continued drinking the juice and after the second week the pain went away. By the third week I was pain free and able to do certain activities and movements that I couldn’t do before due to the pain. Now seven months later I’m happy to say not only has it helped me with my Osteoarthritis but it has also increased my energy levels and general wellbeing.

There have been so many other benefits over time that I only notice weeks, even months later. Having said that, in my time dealing with Xango I have witnessed some amazing stories about how this product has changed many people’s lives for the better and the best thing about the product is that it is a 100% natural fruit juice.

I consume Xango daily as preventive measure now and won’t go anywhere without it. I am now able to do things I was not able to do six Months ago. I can’t recommend this product enough to anyone who is looking for a different option, a healthier option. Give Xango a try.

Xango Testimonials
Testimonials For Xango Part 2

Arthritis, Anxiety & Stomach Discomfort

John Mokena – South Africa (Benoni) 01/05/2013
My name is John Mokena. My Dad is 90 years old and over the past year he lost a lot of weight due to health problems. He is suffering from Arthritis in his hands, stomach discomforts, anxiety, restlessness and other illnesses that come with old age.

The family was almost losing faith that he would not recover. Despite taking so many pain tablets and other forms of medication his condition was still deteriorating.

Two months ago I was introduced to Xango, the Mangosteen Juice that I had been told had many different types of benefits that would possibly assist my Dad with his challenges or wellbeing in some way. I bought two bottles for my Dad.

After two weeks we started seeing signs of improvements. He has since regained weight and is now able to eat well. He is now also complaining less about the pain in his hands he had previously been suffering from. His eye sight has improved and he is able still to drive well at his age.

I have since joined Xango as an Independent Distributor and it feels good to Drink Xango Juice, help others and build a business at the same time!

Skin Tone & Blemishes

Alisha Seczyk – South Africa (Lambton) 04/05/2013
I have always had trouble with blemishes and uneven skin tone. I was introduced to Xango by a friend of mine who had seen results from the juice, and has now gone on and joined the business to become an international independent distributor.

Since I started drinking the Mangosteen Juice the benefits have been very noticeable. The tone of my skin is remarkable, the blemishes have been reduced and my skin glows. Everyone has commented on how beautiful my skin is looking and that is thanks to the natural power of Xango, the Mangosteen fruit juice. Thank you to Eunice for introducing this product to me.


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