The Difference Between Mangsoteen Juice and Xango Juice

This Article covers some of the main differences between Xango Juice and Mangosteen Juice.


Mangosteen Juice

Mangosteen Juice Online

As we know, over time the Mangosteen fruit has evolved from simply being an edible fruit into being used in South East Asia for centuries as ancient traditional remedies. One particular form that was used regularly included the boiling of the rind of the fruit and then placing the water through a filtration process which developed a drinkable tea.

Various pastes and topical solutions were also made from the Mangosteen fruit. This was just one of many ways the Queen of Fruits was used to help the locals with coming up with alternatives to support the body’s immune system and combating illnesses.

Independent research states that the whole Mangosteen has a source of more than 39 known distinct Xanthones. Ongoing science research is finding new benefits of these Xanthone every day.

Mangosteen as a juice has many beneficial properties that impact our daily lives. By consuming Mangosteen Juice, the whole Mangosteen, we give our bodies the extra vitamins and minerals we should be getting in our daily consumption of foods.

Times have changed from were we could arrange enough time in our busy lives to take in all our required sources of minerals and vitamins, so having an important supplement is vital.

XanGo Juice

Xango Juice Online

The name XANGO comes from two words: XAN from Xanthones and GO from Mangosteen.

Xango Juice is the original Mangosteen dietary supplement. No one saw the vision until Joe Morton and the other founders of Xango took the necessary steps to bring nature’s secret fruit and its benefits to the world.

Xango is the original, a true category creator, offering you all the natural purities of the Mangosteen fruit. Integrating the Mangosteen benefits as nature intended, the proprietary puree formula uses the whole mangosteen as well as few additional natural fruit juices all blended, which is rounded off by the flavour of the Mangosteen rind, which creates XANGO juice’s unique taste.

Don’t settle for anything less. If it doesn’t say Xango on the bottle, it’s not the real deal. Not only do we have a proven product that has dominated the market for the past decade but it is backed by a billion dollar plus company.