Xango Juice Price

The Price of Xango Juice and How To Buy It

How you can buy XanGo juice?
Purchasing Wholesale

To get Xango Mangosteen Juice at costs prices straight from the company and delivered to your front door, anywhere in South Africa and 40 other continents (prices may vary depending on country currency), you will have to become a member and register with us. This is a simple process and we can help speed this up for you by completing the following registration form (Here) or alternatively you can send us an email and we will contact you. Your decision to become a member is important to us so be sure to provide us with all the information we need in order to give you the best service possible.

When becoming a member there is no requirement that you sell Xango yourself or even distribute the product unless you wish to build a business or obtain your juice monthly for free. If you are a juice drinker who buys Mangosteen Juice at your own convenience and want to know that you are paying the best price for your Xango Juice out there, then this option is the way to go and saves you money in the long term.

Xango Juice Price

The Xango Marketing scheme has been put into place to benefits everyone, whatever your intention maybe and the Xango juice price depends on a few different options explained below:
Starting with the business builder, anyone familiar with multi-level marketing companies will know that with the right product and right backing, as well as an established debt free company like Xango, the sky is the limit. There is a great compassion plan in place that will benefit you on nine levels in your organization with no breakages, no targets and no qualifications other than your box of juice you will consume in a month anyway.

The price for becoming a member may vary depending on country of residence. In South Africa to become a member and be part of this fantastic business opportunity is only R245. To buy a successful business nowadays would cost you millions of Rands and you will likely only see a return or profit in about 5 years, depending on your industry and the economy.

Once you become a Xango member you are given an International Xango ID – you can now order Mangosteen Juice at cost price for the amount of R1108.55 a box of four bottles of 750mls each. This case of Xango would generally last 1 month, as you consume on average 30mls three times a day which totals 90mls.

Xango offers a great sliding scale option for individual looking to purchase more than one case at a time, for example, buying two boxes at once would cost you R2117.10, which includes all fees and delivery to your door.
For more info on the best prices to buy Xango please contact us directly.

Purchasing as a Customer or Preferred Customer

Xango Mangosteen juice can be bought at retail and prices may vary depending on your country of residence.
Xango is also available to you as a customer; the juice drinker that loves the product, has had great results from it and never wants to go without it again. This entitles you to still get your Mangosteen Juice at a better rate, not as great as being a member but at the same time you not paying the full price as an individual would pay for wanting to just buy a box of Xango for cash.

Preferred Customer:
If you would like to be a preferred customer and would like to be on the Automatic Delivery Program (ADP) this ensures that you will not miss out on getting your Xango every month, for example, you want a box of juice every month and you only joining as a customer the price you will pay is R1208.55.

The next way you can purchase your box of Xango juice at an even better rate, without having to order every month or possible every second month, is to become a Xango Customer and the total cost then for a box of Xango Juice is R1308.55 this includes all taxes and delivery to your front door.

Purchasing at Retail

The Xango South Africa recommended retail price is around R350-R375 for a single 750ml bottle of juice. This again is for an individual who just wants to buy a bottle or two to possibly try first. Xango has a company policy in place that states that no Xango Distributor in South Africa, should sell a bottle of Xango to a customer for less than R327.14 and understandably so. If you want the product at the best price JOIN THE BUSINESS. We have many options that will suit your needs even if your intentions are not to build a business YET.

I say yet because before you know it everyone will want to try it and be asking you for some XanGo Mangosteen Juice!