Zija Business Opportunity

Zija Business Opportunity

ZIJA International Just Opened A Massive Network Marketing Opportunity (Click This Link To Apply)

Have you always wanted to be in charge of your time, with what you do when and how? The simple and most proven cost-effective way is to build a business structure that is actively working for and with you in reaching their and your goals?

Zija Business Opportunity

If I was to say to you would being your own boss interest you?

Everyone you know wants the same thing…. More time and financial freedom to go with that, this opportunity to work Directly with us, a company named ZIJA International in my opinion, is the best answer. Wondering why?

Well, let us first say a word or two about the company itself.

The Story Behind ZIJA International That Makes It A Great Company to Partner with

 Zija International is one of the leading companies in the health industry. Inspired by nature and only promoting and developing natural extracts, their story is simple – to revolutionize modern health thanks to natural products and extracts that are proven to do wonders for our body.

That being said, ZIJA is not only a company that is fast-paced – but also one that offers tons of opportunities and great advantages for its clients. It all started when its founder, Ken, found out about the Moringa Olefeira from India in the Himalayas, who now has 7 acres dedicated to grow our Moringa total Organically  – this was the radical discovery that made Zija International exist and sets us way ahead in the natural health revolution.

Now, instead of aiming at traditional marketing, ZIJA decided that it is better to let the products sell through ‘the power of the people’.

That is how their network marketing program began – and the reason for these network marketing opportunities to be your own Boss, create your own Freedom and finances to enjoy it all.

Below, we are featuring the main network marketing structure that ZIJA International is based upon.

The Network Marketing (MLM) Structure And Compensation Plan That ZIJA Offers In Canada

Assuming that you develop your business and build a network, ZIJA lets you work in a team and connect with your accounts – so that you all benefit from the branch. Instead of traditional multi-level marketing (MLM) where the sales depend on the new members in the network that are working for the experienced one – ZIJA decided that it is better if everyone would benefit from the entire team sales within the entire network.

This is what sets apart ZIJA International’s network marketing model in Canada – and how you can fit in a company role that lets you make instant commissions only if you are active and qualified for the position.

Being active here requires that you sell a personal order every month, while qualified means that you have two personally distributed members or wholesalers in your team.

For more information on the network model, watch this video by the company itself

The best part in this network marketing role is the team effort. So, if everyone understands the duplication process and sells the amazing natural products by ZIJA – everyone can get instant commissions for years to come, what we like to call Residual Income – FOR LIFE.

Apply For Your Network Marketing Position At ZIJA International HERE

So, are you up to changing your life?

Start by taking the first big step – and apply for a position at Zija International today!

With Zija, the growth of your business is always unlimited!